Dead Sea hotels, Dead Sea tours, Masada tour

Dead Sea Dead Sea the lowest place in the World.
The place for all nature lovers.

Tourism company International
israel tours operator
organize for many years Tours in Dead Sea.
our expertise including
Dead Sea Mud Dead Sea day tours, tour guide Dead Sea, private tours in Dead Sea,
We provide solutions for any type of tourism any number of people.

Dead Sea Hotels Enjoy the unique Dead Sea
to swim and float in the Dead Sea.
include a saltwater pool,
mud treatments, a sulfur pool,
a variety of massages and treatments.

We organize
Masada Dead Sea day tours,
Masada Dead Sea group tours,
Masada Dead Sea tour guide for private tours.

Masada Tour Masada Tour
The heroic story of the Jewish fighters.
against the Romans.
Herod time at Masada,
Visit the remains of the walls,
palaces, synagogue, water cisterns,
mosaic floors, roman baths and more.

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